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Friday, June 11, 2010

Most Commonly Asked Questions For Herbs That Manage Cough


1. What kind of herbs are these and are they safe?

These are a combination of Chinese herbs that are targeted to work on the dog's lung system, and they are considered very safe. Just like any food, their always exist the possibility of allergies, and because these are herbs, a natural product, the possibly of an allergic reaction should always be a consideration.

If you suspect that your pet is having a reaction, do not give the herbs to the dog and see if the symptoms subside. If they do not, then you can assume that the herbs are not the cause of whatever might be the issue at that time.

2. What is the form of the herbs?

The herbs are a powder form called granules....the next best thing to giving your dog raw herbs. They are a 5:1 concentrate form of granules.

3. How do I give them to my dog?

Be aware that most dogs do not like the taste of this formula. This is because the herbs are cold and bitter so as to clear heat and transform phlegm. So giving them can be a challenge for you, but it is well worth the effort. Also remember that the herbs are not a long term solution, so look at it as TOUGH LOVE. Your doing it for them, even though they don't like it.

Put them into capsules; you can buy them from PawHealer.com or you can get them at the local health food store. We sell 1/2 grams gel caps and its very easy to put the powder in yourself. It saves about 15$ a bottle when you do it yourself!
Put the herbs in cat food....yum, dogs love cat food! (its very pungent)
Put them in their favorite food.....but be aware that they will catch on to you!
Mix them with warm water and administor with a water syringe. This is what we believe is the most effective and easiest. method.

4. How long does it take for these herbs to work?

First, be aware, and we can't say it enough...dosage, dosage, and dosage. You must be consistent with the dosage, which means the full amount three times a day. If this is not done, you can expect that the herbs will not be effective. 

If this formula is the correct one for your dog, the changes start within a few days. However, I have to say that in some instances it has taken up to 30 days. Every dog is different, that's why a 30 day supply is really what should be purchased.

When the herbs work for the dog, the coughing will begin to lessen in the the frequency of the cough until all that is left is a very weak cough or no cough at all.

We encourage our customers to do follow up herbs if a weak cough remains and also to work on the dogs immune system so that it can fight off any future infection.

We also work on making the dogs skeletal system stronger, which includes the cartilage of the trachea, and all of this is follow up work by using more herbs and whole food supplementation.

5. Do you guarantee your product?

We wish we could, but we can't and that's because every dog is different with a different set of circumstances, but our cough formula works for the majority of our pets (see our blog to read our happy customers), but it does not work for every dog. Keep in mind that this is not any different than western medicine, not all medicine works on all pets.

However if this base formula does not work for your dog, that is not to say that a second formula, that can be made especially for your own pet, would not work. We do a great job considering that we get a "single shot" at the problem when you order through the internet.

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