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What We Do

We offer authentic Chinese herbal formulas for dogs and cats. What does this mean? It means we offer a vtariety of herbal formulas that are based on Traditional Chinese Herbal patterns. Although a complex system, is worth the effort for us to help educate pet owners. As a result of keeping true to the tradition,Pawhealer brand products are very popular and used by pet owners worldwide.

Perhaps you're looking for joint support for your dog? We have them! Are you searching for herbs to help relieve your dog's hot spots, itchiness or other skin related issues? No problem! How about herbs to help your dog's seasonal allergies, cough symptoms or bladder issues? Of course, all you need is to ask. We have way too many remedies to put them all up on one website, so just ask us and we will respond back to you with product recommendations that will be based on the patterns of traditional herbal formulas.


Our Favorite Products

What Paw-Happy Customers Say:

Kaya Sad Life...Better now!


"Kaya is a recently adopted 11-year-old German Shepherd rescue. Life long abuse (doggy PTSD), chained outside always (signs of frostbite scars), and constantly bred. She was recovering from her spay by rescue organization, but her incision was not healing and she was rejecting her absorbable sutures. ... " + continue reading

- John Streeter , WV

Hind Leg Weakness Yin & Yang formula helped Sport ...


"My handsome Baby Boy, Sport, has had back leg weakness for about 9 months. I retired him last year after 11 years of Therapy work (he is15 now) due to his back legs getting weaker and weaker. Its hard to watch a dog who once ran miles and miles, hike numerous trails & chase deer in the Forrest of Utah live his last years barely able to walk 50 yards without falling down... " + continue reading

- Nicole Dutt-roberts , NV

Scooter's Story with Our Trachea Support Formula


"After a scary night at the ER of not knowing what was going to happen to our 14 yr old Scooter with a collapsed trachea, I was desperate to find something besides the steroids he was given. Thank goodness for Paw Healers and the Hound Honey Syrup and the Trachea Support powder that I found online! He is doing so much better..." + continue reading

- Sylvia Holler , TX

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