Lipoma, Fatty Lumps & Bumps

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • For canine lipomas
  • The lumps and bumps are soft and movable

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Resolves dog fatty tumors (lipomas) 
  • Promotes healthy, smooth, lump free skin
  • Benefits all around mobility

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Disperses Nodules
  • Breaks Phlegm/Blood Stasis
  • Moves Qi and Blood




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    Quick Answers:
    • Safe for old dogs
    • The herbal formulas are a powder
    • Works for multiple fatty lumps

    Why are our dogs getting so many fatty lumps (Lipomas) and other types of lumps and bumps? That's the question we need to understand in order to rectify this situation.

    First; A discussion of what these lumps and bumps are made of. 

    Chinese herbal theory calls these unsightly lumps "nodules", which is a general term to describe the many different types of swellings, masses, enlargements, hardness, lumps etc. Lipomas are a type of benign tumor, located mostly at the superficial level of the skin. Chinese herbal theory calls these "flesh tumors".

    Nodules, as well as any hardened tissues, encompasses a wide variety of  conditions. When the cause is unknown, western medicine struggles to identify a diagnosis and a treatment. Conversely, Chinese theory is quite effective as it offers a wide range of  herbs to reduce the swelling and dissolve and disperse these nodules of fat and hardened tissues.

    Another aspect to nodules, is the idea of these mature fat cells as you know them, are actually called "phlegm accumulations".

    "Phlegm is a product of the body's activities acting upon qi and moisture taken in with food and beverages; it is "congealed moisture." Unlike qi, phlegm is always viewed by Chinese physicians as substantive and stagnating rather than light and flowing, though there are two kinds of phlegm: the visible, which has greater accumulation of matter, and the invisible, which is finely divided, though not as fine as qi. Phlegm is, in some ways, comparable to another body humor, blood, which is also produced by the body's activities acting upon qi, and is a sticky substance that shares some of the same potential pathologies with phlegm: deficiency, inadequate circulation, firm coagulation, and complexing with heat or cold factors.

    Phlegm is a normal and required substance in terms of the mucous membrane lining and other lubricating functions, but it becomes a pathological substance when:

    1. it is derived from stagnated food in the stomach;
    2. when normal phlegm (mucoid substance) is produced in excess; or
    3. when it is complexed with internal or external pathological factors, such as cold, heat, wind, or toxin."  (1) A Study Guide to Phlegm Resolving Herbs by Subhuti Dharmananda, Ph.D
    What causes these nodules to you think?

    Well, it's the's opinion that these lumps are actually caused by the accumulation of something which is called phlegm and damp (FAT!), and we believe it's a result of a diet rich in grains (this include rice, oats, bran, wheat, etc). It's our thought that a dog's digestive system is just not properly equipped to completely handle these types of foods, and as a  result, digestion is bogged down

    The second cause may be a weakening of the digestive system, maybe because of a constitutional predisposition and born with the deficiency., or because of an aging digestive system. As a dog gets older, the  "Yang Ming"  naturally begins to decline (digestive channels). So what do we do about that? Again, work with the diet and find foods that your dog can digest properly. Just because you have been feeding your dog the same food for 10 years does not mean that at this age, it won't cause a problem. Nobody, dog or person, stays the same for a lifetime.

    These herbs are programmed by nature to break apart the accumulation of phlegm and damp, however, a critical component to the success of this herbal formula is accomplished by changing the lifestyle (menu) of the pet. 


    The nodule is a general term that is used to describe many different types of goiter, lymphedema, swelling, mass, enlargement, hardness, scrofula, boil, carbuncle, sore, lump, furuncle, abscess, polyp, hordeolum or hard-seated lesion in the body. Though these conditions may have different etiology, they are all characterized by swelling, inflammation and possible infection.

    Western Medical Approach: Many of these conditions have no treatment available. When infection is involved, antibiotics may be used orally or topically. When there are pain and inflammation, analgesic or anti-inflammation drugs may be used for symptomatic treatment. Lastly, surgery may be performed to remove the nodule or hardened tissues.

    Traditional Chinese Herbal Approach: These nodules are considered to be stagnation of qi, blood, and phlegm. Furthermore, these herbs are also effective for hardness and nodules where there are no signs of infection and inflammation. For this application, however, herbs must be taken continuously for a few months to slowly dissolve and disperse these nodules and hardened tissues.

    Summation: Nodules and hardened tissues encompass a wide variety of clinical conditions. When the cause is unknown, western medicine struggles to identify a diagnosis and a treatment. Traditional Chinese Herbal Theory, however, is quite effective as it offers a wide range of therapeutic substances to treat infection, reduce swelling and inflammation, and dissolve and disperse nodules and hardened tissues.

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