Shoulder-Front Leg Support

Dog front leg pain, canine front leg pain, dog front legs, canine front legs.

Choose This Pattern If:

  • Limping on front legs or leg
  • Limping worsens by cold and damp weather
  • May be slight swelling of joints

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Benefits Front Legs and Shoulders
  • Supports Elbows
  • Relieves Stiffness 

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Tonifies Qi
  • Harmonizes the exterior with interior
  • Dispels Wind and Dampness
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(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    [X] Close The beauty of Chinese herbal formulas is the ability to create formulas that target specific parts of the anatomy. In the case of front leg aches, it is mostly associated with the shoulder area and shoulder blades.

    According to Traditional herbal theory, stiffness of this area is due to a deregulation of one  the yang channels located on the front of the legs or the Lung Channel located on inside of the get..

    Both internal and external causes may cause shoulder and front leg aches and stiffness, but in most instances the disturbance of the flow of Qi and Blood through the shoulder and front leg area  is due to External pathogenic factors, deficiency of Qi, stagnation of Qi, stagnation of Blood, and lastly the accumulation of Damp-Phlegm.

    This particular formula based on the very famous formula Juan Bi Tang (Remove Painful Obstruction) is modified to account for all the patterns listed above. 

     This formula Juan Bi Tang modified with added flavors is used to help with obstruction of front leg channels due to Wind-Damp and Cold. Because of a deficiency of the Wei Qi (Exterior) and the Blood level (interior), External factors have access to the interior, and lodge to create  an obstructive disturbances of Qi and Blood. When Qi and Blood are obstructed there will be pain. 

    The function of this formula is to remove the obstruction and promote the free flow of Qi and Blood in the upper regions of the body.

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    2x per day

    1 bottle (100 gms powder) will last xx days

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