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Thyroid-Support - Cats

Empirical Thyroid (Stregthen) Tonic

Choose This Pattern If:
  • Fatigue, tired
  • Fur loss, dry fur, scaly skin
  • Pet may seem chilly or cold
  • Muscle weakness, may have edema
  • Slow metabolism, weight gain
  • Pet may want to lay curled in a ball
  • Tongue may have lots of syliva
Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:
  • Sluggish thyroid
  • Slow metabolism
  • Hypothyroid
Traditional Chinese Herb Action:
  • Tonify Kidney, Heart &Spleen
  • Nourish Kidney Yin
  • Tonify Qi
  • Formula Detail

    Formula Detail

    According to traditional Chinese medicine, a sluggish thyroid  condition is characterized by what we call "yang deficiency".

    Yang is the warming quality of the body as well as functionality. Yang energy is warming. Yang directs the active movement of the body.

     Deficiency means too little of something. For example, a deficiency of energy can cause fatigue or lethargy. A deficiency of red blood cells in the blood can cause anemia. Not enough water in the intestines can cause constipation or small, dry stool.

    If the thyroid under functions, your animal friend becomes easily tired. The kin dries and flakes and the hair may fall out in clumps. The skin will thicken and appear darker, especially flabby around the tail base. Your pet will seem to easily put on weight. Because of the lack of Yang Qi (energy) the bark or meow will become sound much weaker. Cold will seem to make your pet uncomfortable.

    TCM Treatment for a deficient thyroid is aimed at warming the Kidney yang and strengthening the Qi and Blood of your pet.
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    If you have a question about one of our herbal formulas, its usage or dosage, ask us about it here! Just fill out the form below, send it to us and we will do our best to get you your answer within 3 hours.

  • FAQs


    General Cautions

    • Do not use if pet is pregnant. Just to be safe.
    • Not to be used in place of veterinary medicine.
    • If pet worsens, stop product, and seek veterinary services.

    Why are powder extracts better to buy then bottles of liquid herbals you see for cheaper prices on the internet?

    Because of potency!  Liquid herbal tinctures may only contain 6 grams of herbs in one 2 oz bottle. Whereas when you buy the concentrated powder extracts that we offer, you are receiving a full 100 grams of a 5:1 concentration  in each bottle.

    Buyer beware! Not every bottle of herbs you see on the shelves or sold on the internet is the same. 

    Furthermore, every licensed acupuncturist knows that liquid tinctures are considered very weak. If you walk into an herbal clinic, chances are you will only be offered powdered extracts because we know that is what works most effectively other than raw herbal decocted formulas. Most acupuncturists will not prescribe liquid tinctures.

    Tinctures look cheap and easy, but what counts is the effectiveness, and effectiveness is directly related to the amount of herbs that are administered each day. Don't be fooled by price, become a savvy consumer. Know the total herbal ingredients per bottle.




    What kind of herbs are these and are they safe?

    Our herbal formulas are Chinese herbs formulated for the patterns of disharmony most commonly applicable to cats and dogs. We are the only authentic Traditional Chinese herbal place for pets on the internet. We don't offer only one formula for one condition, we base our formulas on and by a herbal pattern of of symptoms.. If you're buying Chinese herbs, and you are not offered a pattern, then it is not authentically a traditional formula that may be must suited for your pets condition.

     Chinese herbs are used on adults, children and pets and are considered very safe when properly administered. However, if your pet does show any signs of not tolerating  them,  stop the herbs for 48 hours, then restart dosing again by using half of the original amount of the herbs you started with.. If your pet still cannot tolerate the herbs then immediately stop administering the herbs to your pet.

    We work with a batch system and each batch is assigned a Lot#. The ingredients that we alot to each Lot# is logged at time of manufacture to account for each ingredient and from which Vendor we purchased the ingredients. At different times of the year it is necessary to make subsitutions for a specific ingredient as the ingredient that was used in one Lot# may not be available in a Lot # designed several months later from the same Vendor throughout the year due to seasonality, import restrictions or other circumstances.

    As a result there can be a different color, texture, smell and overall appearnce to a Lot# (i.e. Herbal Formula) as each Lot# has several different ingredients which can be purchased from different Vendors throughout the year. Each Vendor has its own manufacturing process which can result in one herbal ingredient being fluffy powder and from a different Vendor the same ingredient can be denser/heavier and appear as grainy, sandy or clump together ---- as the processing technique varies from Vendor to Vendor --- whereby one Vendor grinds herbs down to a fine powder and another Vendor does not use the same process and the end result can be a textured product in its more 'natural state' as less manufacturing processes were used on the material.

    We have been using these various herbs for several years without incident.

    But we must all stay alert because like any food there always exists the possibility of allergies or a lack of tolerance and because these herbs and classified as a food,  the possibly of an allergic reaction should always be a consideration.

     If  by chance you should feel that your experiencing a  negative effect,  stop the herbs immediately wait two days or until symptoms recede,  and then start again with 1/2 the dosage.



    What suggestions are there on how to give herbs to my cat or dog?

    Dogs and cats can be given powdered herbs, powder herb extracts, and liquid herb extracts in their meals. If your pet's appetite is poor because of illness or learned preferences, you may need to disguise the taste further by using especially strong-smelling foods: like tuna, sardines, liverwurst or braunsheiger. For some pets, Baby Food or canned Cat Food is such a novelty that they will take the herbs mixed with these foods. Some pharmacies and veterinary manufacturers make a flavored "tab wrap" or "pill pocket" for dogs and cats; these are especially designed to hide small tablets. Other tasty treats to hide herbs include cream cheese, jelly, peanut or other nut butters, ground meat or liver (beef or chicken), and fruit. Applesauce is particularly recommended by some herbalists. Flavored gravies for pets can also be used to dilute the herbs and mask the taste. *

    If your pet's appetite is suppressed due to illness, do not mix medicines in regular meals-administer the herbs separately in a different food treat or in empty gel caps or via oral syringe behind the tongue.

    Powdered herbs may be mixed into small "pills" of butter, then frozen to increase firmness. You can blend them with anchovy paste, organic peanut butter, jelly, jam, sandwich pastes, or other thick tasty foods.

    It may be easier in some cases to administer the powdered herbs by mixing them into a liquid (usually hot so that powdered herbs 'dissolve' either with boiled liquid/water or by placing the 'mixture' of liquid/water and powdered herbs in a microwave for 5-7 seconds and then letting cool off) that is to be gently and slowly administered by syringe. Vehicles that have been recommended include meat or poultry broth, clam juice, flavored syrups, and fruit juice.

    You can take advantage of your cat's fastidiousness by mixing the herb in a hair ball gelor Laxatone vegemite or anchovy paste, and smearing it on his or her paws-only very sick cats will let that insult go unchallenged! Some herbalists make traditional teas using meat broth instead of plain water, then frozen in ice cube trays to preserve until the day of use.

    If gel capsules must be administered you can buy these on our website or we can encapsulate for you at $15 per bottle for 200 capsules. (choose one of these options: Empty Gel Capsules or Encapsulation Fee just before you checkout from your shopping cart) The gel capsules often "go down" more easily if one end is covered in butter or olive oil. Be sure to administer water or broth afterward to ensure that the capsule passes quickly from the esophagus to the stomach.

    The other option is by oral syringe...mixing enough water to dissolve the herbs and make a solution and using an oral syringe you can give it by squirting it down the very back of the throat. After a few times it becomes easier to use this method. The option for oral syringe is at time of checkout also.

     *Copyright 2003, Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association, Kennesaw, Georgia


    Can the herbs be administered with meals or is it better on an empty stomach?

    Whatever works best for your pet would be the simple answer to this question. Sometimes the herbs can upset one animals stomach and the same herbs on an empty stomach do not bother the next animal. Mixing into food does not effect the long term efficacy of the herbs and it can have a settling effect to give with the food with the herbs.


    How do these herbs come to us?

    These herbs are a loose powder form. They are a 5:1 concentration of raw herbs made into powder, called granules.

    For additional charge of $15 per bottle we will encapsulate for you, this will yield 200 capsules per bottle.

    At check, out we also offer you the option to purchase empty capsules, $5.00 for 200 empty gel caps.

    We also offer a liquid oral syringes for  $2.00. Use by mixing warm water with the herbs,  to squirt down the back of your dog's throat.


    Should I tell my veterinarian that I am giving my cat or dog herbs?

    Absoutely...its always important that all doctors know what we are taking as well as our pets.

    Many people hide this information from their pet's doctor, we feel that  you should be able to discuss the health of your cat or dog openly with your pet's primary physician, and if you can't and you feel intimidated,  then you need to look for a doctor that you feel you can communicate with open and honestly.

    Not telling your vet isn't the answer...the answer is working with a vet who understands your values and will work with you while ensuring the safety of your pet.

    We would appreciate if you would share the success of the herbs with your the hopes that some day herbal medicine will have a much wider acceptence.


    Can I give herbs to my cat or dog while also taking other medicines?

    Yes,  however we suggest that you give herbs and medicines 1 -2 hours apart from one another so that you can get the full benefit of each.

    Always remember to tell your veterinarian what herbs you have decided to give your pet..this includes all supplements as well.


    Since they are fresh (dried) herbs - should they be refrigerated?

    The fresh (dried) herbs and/or the liquid forms do not necessarily have to be stored in the refrigerator. Unless the place where they are stored is prone to extreme humid and hot conditions, then storing them in a cool dry place should be sufficient.


    Can I make a week's worth of herbal decoction of the different herbal formulas I have to make it easier to administer for my family and pet care people?

    Once you make a  decoction  of mixing herbs together with water or honey and expose the herbs to the elements then decompostion begins. It is not a good idea to keep these decoctions for more than (3)  three days. And these decoctions SHOULD be refrigerated. We have had customers who have made  and frozen them and this seems to work out fine. But keeping them for longer than (3) three days unfrozen is not advisable


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  • Dosage

    Usage Instructions:

    • 1/2 dropper = 2 times a day for cats that weigh up to 10lbs
    • 1 dropper   = 2 times a day for cats weighing 10 lbs and over
  • Ingredients


    Fu Ling    (Poria)
    Fu zi    (Radix Aconiti Lateralis Praeparata)
    Gou Qi Zi    (Fructus Lycii)
    Gui Ban    (Plastrum Testudinis)
    Hai Zao    (Thallus Laminariae seu Eckloniae)
    Lu Jiao    (Cornu Cervi)
    Mu Dan Pi    (Cortex Mountain)
    Ren Shen    (Radix Ginseng)
    Rou Gui    (Cortex Cinnamomi)
    Shan Yao    (Rhizoma Dioscoreae)
    Shan Zhu Yu    (Fructus Corni)
    Shu Di Huang    (Radix Rehmanniae Preparata
    Ze Xie    (Rhixoma Alismatis)

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