Choose This Pattern If:

  • Fatigue, tired
  • Fur loss, dry fur, scaly skin
  • Pet may seem chilly or cold
  • Muscle weakness, may have edema
  • Slow metabolism, weight gain
  • Pet may want to lay curled in a ball
  • Tongue may have lots of syliva

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Sluggish thyroid
  • Slow metabolism
  • Hypothyroid

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Tonify Kidney, Heart &Spleen
  • Nourish Kidney Yin
  • Tonify Qi




(*) 1 bottle contains 2 oz liquid herbs
[X] Close According to traditional Chinese medicine, a sluggish thyroid  condition is characterized by what we call "yang deficiency".

Yang is the warming quality of the body as well as functionality. Yang energy is warming. Yang directs the active movement of the body.

 Deficiency means too little of something. For example, a deficiency of energy can cause fatigue or lethargy. A deficiency of red blood cells in the blood can cause anemia. Not enough water in the intestines can cause constipation or small, dry stool.

If the thyroid under functions, your animal friend becomes easily tired. The kin dries and flakes and the hair may fall out in clumps. The skin will thicken and appear darker, especially flabby around the tail base. Your pet will seem to easily put on weight. Because of the lack of Yang Qi (energy) the bark or meow will become sound much weaker. Cold will seem to make your pet uncomfortable.

TCM Treatment for a deficient thyroid is aimed at warming the Kidney yang and strengthening the Qi and Blood of your pet. Edit
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