Heartworm Cough

Specifically used for external invaders. Chinese Herbs for Chong Qi (Worms),Specifically used for external invaders. Chinese Herbs for Chong Qi (Worms)

Choose This Pattern If:

  • Moves blood to promote the smooth flow of lung and heart qi
  • Supports heart yang
  • Soothes heart and lungs to calm cough

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Interruption of normal breathing due to chest impediment 
  • Blood and qi stagnation due to external invasion of  foreign invaders

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Reversal of lung qi (cough symptoms)
  • Obstruction of heart blood




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder
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This Chinese herbal formula is a strong blend of qi and blood moving herbs.

It is indicated when evil qi resides in the upper burner (heart and lungs)

When foreign invaders inhabit the upper body cavity and there is an obstruction of lung qi, normal breathing function is interrupted and then labored. 

This blend of herbals helps to strongly promote the circulation of qi and blood so as support  the respiratory symptoms associated with dogs that have been overcome by Chong Ji (parasites). 


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