Blood Sugar Support

Diabetes Herbal Formula,Diabetes Herbal Formula

Choose This Pattern If:

  • Nourishes Lung
  • Nourishes Stomach & Yin
  • Clears deficiency fire
  • Dries damp

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive hunger
  • Excessive urination
  • Tolerance to insulin shots

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Helps to normalize blood glucose
  • Maintain blood cholesterol levels
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Normalize insulin secretions




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    [X] Close According to traditional Chinese medicine, blood sugar issues are classified as upper, middle and lower wasting syndrome called xiao ke.

    Upper body wasting and thirsting is characterized by Lung heat drying up the moisture, leading to big thirst.

    Middle wasting is characterized as Stomach heat damaging fluid, leading to rapid hungering.

    Lower wasting from diabetes is characterized by Kidney deficiency leading to profuse urination.

    Dogs who present with diabetes will also show signs of damp accumulation and Spleen deficiency (digestive weakness).

    Overall the dog or cat with blood sugar disharmonies is is considered to be Yin deficient accompanied by Damp and Heat.
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    Administer xx tsp powder
    2x per day

    1 bottle (100 gms powder) will last xx days

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