Heartworm Support

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Looking for a natural heartworm remedy
  • Can be used for heartworm prevention

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Herbal Heartworm Remedy
  • Assists to Provide Heartworm Resistance 

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Helps to eliminate Heartworms




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    Heartworm Support Herbal Formula:

    First, and  very important, never stop testing your dog for Heartworm disease. Always work with a veterinarian with respect to a solid Heartworm prevention program.  

    There are many people who don't want to use chemicals  for Heartworm prevention for various reasons. So as an alternative, Heartworm Support herbal formula is very effective, however, it does requires diligence. During mosquito season the formula is administered for 7 days out of the month. 

    Historical Use Of Chinese Herbs for Foreign Invaders

    There's a very famous Chinese herbal classical book, called Shang Han Lun, which was published during the Chinese Han Dynasty (200-219 AD), in detail,  it describes symptoms that arise from infestations of roundworms (this literature is over over 2000 years old and it's the oldest documented source of an organized herbal system).

    The Shang Han Lun  provides Chinese herbalists the knowledge in which to support one's innate ability to naturally expel roundworms. In  the case of humans, infestation  occurs in the gall bladder or intestines, and in canines the worms will nest in the heart and or the intestines. Chinese herbal theory has been using herbs to expel roundworms for thousands of years.

    Once upon a time there lived a very famous practitioner whose name was  Dr. Ke Qi,  he did a really good job of  metaphorically describing how herbs work with respect to parasites;  

    "When roundworms encounter sour tastes, they are calmed. When they encounter acridity they are spent;  when they encounter bitterness they are purged"  (he is referring to the flavor of the different herbs)

    When a dog (or person) has an invasion of worms  Chinese theory for this term is  "Chong Ji". The treatment principle is as follows; "Expel worms and  disperse accumulations". Translation; This means that we use herbs to stimulate your dog's natural immune power so as to maintain an internal environment that is free of foreign invaders. 

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    Save MORE with Combo Packs

    SAVE $20.96
    (2) Heartworm Support + Lung & Heart Qi Support (HWC)
    Combo Pack

    This combo pack adds the benefit of Heart Qi Support (HWC) which has herbal blood movers in it to help control a cough that has developed while being infected with Heartworms  ---- by moving dying carcasses of heartworms away from the heart..

    SAVE $23.02
    Heartworm Support + Lung & Heart Qi Support (HWC) + Kidney Support
    Combo Pack

    This triple combo pack adds Kidney Support for severe cases of Heartworm -- where the dog is very weak and the body has been overly taxed with the Heartworm infection. This has the added benefit of tonifying or building back up the kidneys -- which play a vital role in supporting and strengthening overall  body health.