List of Dog Bladder Stones

Friday, June 11, 2010

Additional Foods For Bladder Stone Help

I have been reading more and more...finding foods that can be added to the canine diet to help balance the bladder... are some more foods that I think can easily be added to home cooked fresh meat dishes....keywords here...HOME COOKED. I think all dogs that have bladder stones need home cooked food...Wait! I say that ALL dogs should be getting home cooked meat for dinner...

Anyway...moving on, here is the addition to the foods to add to your dogs HOME COOKED dinners....

Parsley: Slightly warming, pungent, bitter and salty flavor; imoproves digestion, detoxifies meat or fish poisoning. continue reading

Monday, June 7, 2010

Food & Supplements For Damp Heat (Bladder Stones)

Most of the time the beginning stages of bladder/kidney stones are due to what we would (TCM) say is the condition of Damp Heat...this means that a damp condition in the bladder has combined with heat..Generally seen in the form of bladder infections..Stones are a progression of this condition.

The definition of that is for another discussion...this thread is all about getting foods that we can put into the pet's diet to help move damp through the bladder and keep the bladder "cool"...

I hope to add to this list as I see more foods;

Bitter, cooling and continue reading