Diet For Non Raw Food Feeding

Friday, June 11, 2010

I received this menu from Dr. Ava Frick while attending her natural healing seminar. What I like about this diet is that it is suggesting cooked foods. But please notice...another Dr. staing that a GRAIN FREE DIET is the best for our pooches.Wink


Provided By Dr. Ava Frick DMV

50% of the diet should be protein:

* MEATS- Beef, chicken, turkey, fish, venison, rabbit, duck, mutton. Cooked and kept with the grease. They need the fats for energy source. This should be at least half the protein total.

*ORGAN MEATS- Liver, kidney, heart. These can be substituted for ½ to ¼ of the protein portion

* OTHER PROTEIN SOURCE- Lentils, navy or kidney beans, eggs, cottage cheese, yogurt. These can be used up to ¼ th of total protein base.
50% of the diet should be veggies:
Steam lightly, run through blender, mix with meat and can be blended all together so that it appears to look like can dog food

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