Herbal Heartworm Research: June 20, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

As I research and dig for studies that can prove that long term usage of Ivermectin, or the use of Immititicide for adult Heartworm Infection will not cause long term organ damage, I happened came across this really good link.....that is understandable.

Immiticide And What To Watch For

What is so interesting about this particular Website link is that they have included studies that talk about the effects on non infected dogs and the side effects were notable.

As a new researcher I find myself torn....I see that arsenic in humans is very toxic and yet as I read I am being taught from the limited research I can find is that the dog's body will not metabolize low levels of the toxic compound. However I can't find any studies to show that long term usage of Ivermectin is indeed safe...BUT I am still looking and that is because Heartworm infection is truly a bad thing.

So here I am at a juncture...thinking....wow herbs are so much safer and of course I believe they can be very beneficial in the Heartworm model....but I have to say...what good is that if people won't give them to their dog?...Because studies show that 50% of the dogs that get heartworm infection is a result of the owner not giving the ONCE A MONTH pill.

How can I expect that a mxture of herbs that must be given twice a day..lets say for once a month, would be better? The lack of convience would by far diminish the health benefit because compliance would be the number one issue and the dog's would be at risk because of the lack of compliance.

So as a result of this, I am directing my energies not to use herbs as a prevention, but to research the effectiveness of specific Chinese herbs related to the life cycle of the adult Heartworm.