What Paw-Happy Customers Are Saying

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Trachea Support works for Sailor

So far our little Morkie Sailor is holding his own (he was diagnosed with a mild collapsing trachea this past April 2020) with the help of the Trachea Support, I have tried 2 different formula's and the 1st one seemed to help him the most so we just placed another order for that one again. We also d continue reading

Linda Goslin, MO Custom Herbal Formula
Monday, April 13, 2020

Riley loves Trachea Soother

So happy I found this product for my little rescue Riley. He was found in a garbage can. He has a collapsed trachea, and at times has breathing trouble. He was put on steroids, as needed, but they always made him hungry, thirsty and just restless. I used to feel so bad when I had to give them to him. Now, it’s less and less! This stuff is magic, and he loves the test, so win win! Thank you so much Paw Healer. I can not be without it! Love, Riley’s Mom. continue reading

Jeanne Clapper, NJ Custom Herbal Formula
Saturday, September 15, 2018

PawHealer Herbs Help Heart Condition

My dog has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart and collapsed trachea. He has been using this product for a little while and he seems like he is having less choking incidents and his breathing not as labored. continue reading

Nalana Kardos, OH Custom Herbal Formula