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Looking for something special and can't find it? Then look no further! Just go ahead and tell us about your dog by filling out the above form. This is done so that we can help you by recommending specific products that you're searching for and don't see on our website.

Perhaps you're looking for joint support for your dog? We got them! Looking for herbs to help relieve your dog's hot spots, itchiness or other skin related issues?? No problem! How about herbs to help your dog with allergies;  nasal or skin? Of course we have them...All you have to do is ask. We have way too many dog remedies to put them all on one website, so just  tell us about your dog and what you're looking for and then  we will respond to you with product recommendations.

Also here's your chance to learn about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) herbals. We'll help you to understand what herbal products are the best fit for any of  your dog's constitutional deficiencies or patterns of excesses of which may causing your dog some discomfort.
Ancient Chinese herbals are so fascinating in that such simple remedies have been proven to work when assigning herbs to a patterns of disharmony. All one has to do is think about way back in the day, when the ancient herbal masters didn't have all the blood tests, MRI's, X Rays, and surgeries, and yet they were able to use herbs and acupuncture to deal with disease and fight epidemics.....And now in our times, although there is the current advent of modern medicines, other parts of the world still continue to use these traditional methods right along with modern systems...It's called an integrative approach to well being, we can use both! Why not because there are benefits to both the old and new.
So let us together use this traditional herbal method approach and restore your dog's Yin or balance your cat's Yang, boost that Qi, or tonify and supplement what may be deficient. TCM herbs will excel at helping pets that have chronic patterns of imbalances Why We Are Different? We are able to help you through using the metaphorical  language of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to learn how to understand what herbs will help supplement your dog or cat's TCM organ systems. We bring the complex world of TCM and herbs to you while breaking it all down so that its easy to understand. We're sure you'll find it fascinating and most importantly you will learn how herbs can work to restore a more healthier dog or cat. We love to help people help their pets... Welcome!

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