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Phlegm Heat Pattern
  No Yes
Honking-type cough
Loud sounding cough
Lots of panting, excess thirst
Restless or agitated
Desires to lie in cool places

Herbal Formulas to Choose and Buy NOW:

  • Honking cough 
  • Any type of loud cough
  • Lots of panting and restlessness

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  • Wet coughing 
  • Vomits clear fluids
  • Fatigue/low energy

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  • Severe wet cough
  • Wheezing when inhaling
  • Chronic nasal conjestion

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  • Gagging/hacking cough
  • Lavender color tongue
  • Shortness of breath

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  • Recent on-set 
  • Lung and nasal congestion
  •  Kennel Cough

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