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Elvis Improved Using our Trachea Combo!

Friday, May 4, 2018

My Yorkie Elvis suffers from Collapsing Trachea and our Vet had given up all hope for a cure except surgery. I just couldn’t agree with that, surgery seemed like such a drastic solution. Read Paw Healers description of an herbal mixture which was very effective in treating CT. In fact, there was a 3 product bundle which treated all the symptoms, the terrible honking cough, the labored breathing, etc. The 3 products, Beef Trachea Chips, Hound Honey Trachea Soother Syrup and the Trachea Support: Phlegm Heat Formula were very reasonably priced and I felt safe using an herbal solution rather than man made chemicals or surgery. I placed my order to a gentleman who answered all my questions and concerns and encouraged me to contact him anytime I needed. I’ve been using these 3 products for about one month now, and I see a big difference in Elvis’ condition. His coughing is lessened, when he does have a spell, it is short and not as violent, his breathing has normalized and he has more energy. I am very pleased beyond words that my Yorkie has improved so very much without using dangerous chemicals or having to endure the surgeon’s knife. I just placed another order with Paw Healer and I intend to continue using their products as they are high quality and extremely effective and reasonably priced. Thank goodness for PawHealer, they saved my Elvis from suffering the wrath of a Collapsing Trachea. By the way, the products were accepted easily by my Yorkie, he took them without fuss and that made my job a whole lot easier. Can’t say enough good things about PawHealer, except I am grateful I found them for Elvis!

Joanmarie Piazza , NJ

PawHealer's Response:

Joanmarie Piazza gave us a great review on three of our products and our company! Thank you for your time and effort, we are glad that you found us and are using us as an alternative to the surgery suggested by the veterinarian. Our Trachea Support formulas are all very popular and have great results. All of our herbal products are natural plant based formulas. They can be bought as combo packs as well as individually. The powder is easily administered through the food twice a day. The syrup can be given three to four times a day, most dogs like the syrup because it is made in a honey base. The Trachea Chips are Beef Trachea that can be given as a treat and are a natural way to build up the Trachea cartilage as well as great dental chews! Once again thanks Joanmarie for sharing Elvis' experience with our PawHealer Family, we are glad that he has improved and is feeling better. 


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