Herbal Cough Syrups

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Cough sounds honking or dry
  • Trachea is irritated
  • Dog seems thirsty/hot

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Helps calm honking and dry type cough symptoms
  • Soothes irritated tracheas
  • Opens the chest 

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Symptoms of honking type cough
  • Only Excitement sets off coughing episode




(*) 1 bottle contains 5 oz liquid herbs
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    [X] Close Hound Honey Cough & Reverse Sneeze formula is one of our favorite products. Works great for any type of abnormal breathing such as cough, wheeze and reverse sneezing.

    This is a set of raw herbs simmered to perfection and steeped and concentrated in honey.

    Dogs love the taste of this whole goodness of a syrup. A must have in every dog owner's healing tool box.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine calls either reverse sneeze, wheeze or coughing to be "reversal of Lung qi". What a great metaphor....the energetics of the Lung is actually going the opposite direction!

    That being said, it is the function of the herbs to actually "send Lung qi downwards" and to"re-order the Lung qi". In other words make it right again and Hound Honey Cough/Sneeze Syrup does just that. Edit
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    Administer xx tsp liquid herbs
    3x per day

    1 bottle (5 oz liquid herbs) will last xx days

    Save MORE with Combo Packs

    SAVE $13.31
    Hound Honey: Trachea Soother Syrup + Trachea Support: Phlegm Heat
    Combo Pack

    This combo pack includes larger bottle size (100 grams) and a bottle of Hound Honey Trachea Soother (5 oz)
    The honey based cough syrup is milder than the herbal formulas. We recommended you use both, to create a synergistic  effect. The powders are given twice a day...the syrups can be given 4 times a day in between the powder. Using both products is truly beneficial.

    SAVE $14.39
    Hound Honey: Trachea Soother Syrup + Trachea Cough Elixir + Beef Trachea Chips
    Combo Pack

    A natural source of collagen. The law of signatures..."like heals like". A tasty treat as well as wholesome food for healing.  + Trachea Elixir for 'picky eaters' as has dropper included.