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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Soothe the liver
  • Clear heat
  • Benefit the eyes

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Excess tearing
  • Runny eyes
  • Manages Conjunctivitis symptoms

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Liver qi stagnation with heat




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    The Eyes: Organ of Vision; Governed by the Liver (Liver opens at the eyes)

    Since the eye is closely associated with the Liver, it stands to reason that the eyes and the Liver share the same sensitivities. This is because the Liver and the eyes will manifest various problems if they are not properly nourished.

    Eye issues will surely occur if they are not being properly nourished by moisture.  If  too much internal heat rises up from the Liver, one can expect to see dry, red,  and painful eyes. If there is too much internal moisture due to Spleen Qi not transforming food and grain, then there will be clouded vision.

    Chinese medicine has many different signs for eye diseases and they are as follows:

    • CLOUDED VISION (mu hun) corresponds to cataracts
    • DRY EYES (mu gan se)
    • EYE PAIN (mu tong)
    • EYE DISCHARGE (yan chi)
    • ITCHY EYES (mu yang)
    • TEARING (ying feng liu lei)

    For each of the above eye symptoms PawHealer.com has developed formulas to address each condition as it pertains specifically to the pet. In other words we either pick out a formula for your dog or cat, or we formulate just for your pet (by special request). Just make sure you fill out the survey prior to purchasing the Empirical Eye Tonic.

    Cataracts Info:

    ROUND CORNEAL NEBULA ( the Chinese translation is; Yuan Yi Nei Zhang, corresponding to Cataracts)

    Round corneal nebula (corresponds to cataracts) is a chronic condition where clouding of the eyes leads to gradual vision impairment and eventually blindness.

    Most instances of this condition is due to the aging process and is seen frequently in our older dogs. Another cause of this disease is due to chronic canine diabetes.

    The bluish eye turbidity usually affects both eyes, although you will see it in one before the other begins to cloud up. Therefore it is really important to start herbs or any alternative treatments at the earliest onset, since once it becomes completely opaque, the only alternative is surgery. So...act fast and don't wait until the condition worsens.

    ETIOLOGY AND PATHOGENESIS (where does it come from according to Chinese medicine)

    The natural decline due to aging results in the deficiency of  Traditional Chinese Medicine's (TCM) Liver and Kidney organ system. Consequently  there is a deficiency of essence and blood, or there will be a weakening of the Spleens ability to transport Qi and Blood upwards to nourish the eyes. Additionally,  there can be stagnation in the Liver channel and a  transforming to heat that rises upward, or there may be Liver Yin not nourishing the eyes, or there can be the ascent of Damp Heat rising up, all of which can lead to cloudy vision (known to you as cataracts)

    The treatment principle of the herbs is to nourish the organ systems so that the eyes will benefit. The formulas are safe, and will add health and vigor to the life of your pet.
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