Dog Bladder Stones

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Canine bladder stones
  • Hind-leg weakness
  • Problems holding urine
  • Pet is a senior

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Bladder stones in dogs
  • Hind legs are weak
  • Long history of stones

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Stone (Shi Lin, 石淋)
  • Kidney Qi Deficiency
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** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    Treatment Principle for Kidney Qi Deficiency

    Kidney yang qi may be weakened by any chronic and prolonged illness. The pattern of Shi Lin (stone) is known to tax the TCM kidney system.

    The kidneys are a source of yang and they provide the warming aspect of qi. Yang qi is damaged by the overuse of bitter and cold herbs. Antibiotics, as well as herbals that are bitter and cold, are examples of such substances.

    When there is an overuse of cold-natured substances, the kidneys become progressively colder, the warming ability of yang diminishes, fluids become cold and fail to transform and calculi may form.

    The result of damaged kidney qi manifests as symptoms such as frequent urination, nighttime frequent urination, and urinary incontinence, hind leg weakness, and deafness, water swelling and more. Thus it is important for the pattern of kidney qi vacuity be treated with herbs that warm yang. 

    Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) attributes the formation of Shi Lin (Stone) from the accumulation of pathological heat and dampness (remember this is a metaphorical language) 


    Western Medical Approach: Stones are two conditions that often occur together. In western medicine, if these two conditions are asymptomatic, treatment may not be necessary, as risks often outweigh the benefits. If symptomatic, alkalization of the urine may be effective for uric acid stones, but not for other types of stones. In most cases, bladder stones can only be treated with invasive treatments such as surgery or ultrasound disruption therapy.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach: Kidney and bladder stones are two conditions that may be successfully treated with herbs.  By cooling and drying the "damp-heat",  herbal therapies can naturally support the flow of urine.  Depending on the internal environment and imbalances, the duration of treatment ranges from days to months.

    It is important for you to notify your veterinarian of any supplements that you give your pet.

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