Dog Bladder Stones

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Bladder stones in dogs
  • Concurrent UTI
  • Urine is smelly/dark/concentrated
  • Irritated bladder

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Helps to maintains a healthy urine flow
  • Soothes an irritated bladder (UTI)
  • Promotes clear and comfortable urination

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Relieves Stone Obstruction 
  • Transforms Damp-Heat in the Lower Burner
  • Relieves Pain




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    Treatment Principle for Stone Obstruction with Damp-Heat Pattern :

    • Clears Heat and transforms dampness
    • Ease painful urination 
    • Naturally helps to process all types of bladder debris

    A condition of Extreme Damp-Heat equates to a more severe progression of the Shi Lin Pattern (stone). A  severe accumulation of Damp-Heat causes bladder "inflammation" and irritation. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to this as extreme bladder heat.

    Many pet owners will have administered antibiotics to treat this type of pattern. The benefit of Urinary Free the Flow: Damp Heat is that it functions as an alternative to more courses of antibiotics especially since antibiotic resistance is a real possibility.   


    • This is an incredibly effective formula read the success stories!
    • Based on very famous Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulas
    • This formula is good for long-term use

    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine terminology, bladder stones are called "Shi Lin",  translating to  "painful urination due to stone obstruction". Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) explains the forming of bladder stones is due to the pre-existence of pathological heat and damp. This turbid fluid called Damp-Heat may cause a pet to become vulnerable to bladder stone formation. 

    Bladder stones are formed for a variety of reasons, however in dogs, most of the time they can be traced back to dietary taxation. There are also certain breeds that are constitutionally predisposition to this condition.

    Pet Owners Beware! It is very important that every pet owner understand this: Once a pet develops bladder stones they are prone to forming them for the rest of their lives, and  as a sad result,  many pet owners end up paying for very expensive multiple surgeries, that ultimately hurt the bladder by building layers of scar tissue, which creates a hostile bladder environment.

    What You Can Do: To help you reestablish bladder health, we suggest that you try our Chinese herbal formula called Urinary Free the Flow: Damp-Heat We are extremely excited to we offer this product and we do so with confidence. We have helped many pet owners to actually observe the ease and comfort in which their stone-prone pooch can pass water with these effective Chinese herbals. These herbs help by naturally promoting urination and by freeing the flow of urine while supporting your pet's natural ability to dispel stones!


    Western Medical Approach: Dog (kidney and bladder stones) are two conditions that often occur together. In western medicine, if these two conditions are asymptomatic, treatment may not be necessary, as risks often outweigh the benefits. If symptomatic, alkalization of the urine may be effective for uric acid stones, but not for other types of stones. In most cases, dog kidney and dog bladder stones can only be treated with invasive treatments such as surgery or ultrasound disruption therapy.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach: Dog kidney and bladder stones are two conditions that may be successfully treated with herbs.  By cooling and drying the "Damp-Heat",  herbal therapies can naturally support the flow of urine.  Depending on your pooch's internal environment and imbalances, the duration of treatment ranges from days to months.

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