canine cushings disease, dog cushings disease,,Cushings Disease

Choose This Pattern If:

  • Enrich yin & subdue yang
  • Fortify the spleen
  • Boost the qi
  • Transform phlegm
  • Eliminate damp

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Cushing's Symptoms
  • Adrenal Support

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Yin fire with effulgent fire
  • Spleen-kidney vacuity




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    The Role Of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Canine Adrenel Issues

    Although our website uses the words Cushing's disease,  it is important to understand that Traditional Chinese herbal formulas are assigned to treat a constellation of symptoms rather than specific allopathic diseases.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Adrenal Pattern Symptoms :

    • "neng shi shan ji" ability to eat with rapid hungering
    • "shui zhong" water swelling or edema
    • "fei pang" obesity
    • "yi nu" easy anger or irritability
    • "zi han" excess panting
    • "dao han" nighttime panting 
    • "bu mian" loss of sleep

    Traditional Chinese Medicine patterns for rapid hungering and thirst:

    • Kidney yin vacuity with effulgent fire
    • Spleen & kidney yang vacuity failing to transform water and foods

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Disease Pathomechanisms:

    • Former heaven natural endowment insufficiency (born with a weak constitution)
    • Unregulated eating
    • Over taxation
    • Aging
    • Enduring disease
    • Latrogenesis (over use of medicinals)

    What is Canine Cushing's Disease According to Western Medicine?

    Cushing's disease consists of clinical abnormalities that are caused by  prolonged exposure to cortisol or related corticosteroids. In most instances this condition is from an excess secretion of the hormone ACTH. This hyper-secretion may be due to the continued use of steroids such as prednisone or cortisone, or less commonly, its' root cause may the result be a non-pituitary tumor.

     Various Canine Symptoms From A Western Perspective:

    • Profound fatigue
    • A rounded belly
    • Obesity
    • The dog seems to be excessively hot
    • The canine may display constant thirst
    • Perhaps you will have noticed extreme and rapid hungering
    • Tongue color may present with a deep or purple-red tongue

    Source Texts: We used these text as references and content, however through our vast clinical experience we have formulated our own herbal formulas that we have found to  work best for our canines.

    (1)  The Treatment of Modern Western Medical Disease With Chinese Medicine; Bob Flaws & Philippe Sionneau
    (2)  Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine; Susan Wynn & Steve Marsden

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