Bladder: Stones/Crystals

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Stones (Shi Lin, 石淋)
  • Urination is Normal
  • Urine is Clear

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Helps to maintains healthy urine flow
  • Supports a healthy bladder 
  • Clears the bladder of debris

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Dispels Stone (Shi Lin, 石淋)
  • Drains Damp-Heat in Lower Burner
  • Promotes Urination
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    Urinary  Free the Flow: Basic,: This formula is comprised of herbs that  help your cat or dog maintain a healthy and stone/crystal free bladder environment by :

    • Helps to keep the bladder clear of debris by promoting urination
    • Based on tried and true classical Traditional Chinese Herbal formulas
    • Good for long term use

    According to Traditional Chinese Herbal Patterns,    "shi lin", which translates to  "painful urination due to stone obstruction". There are all types of patterns for this category. 

    Traditional Chinese Herbal patterns defines formation of bladder particles as a metaphorical pathological pattern of Heat and Damp. This turbid fluid, Damp-Heat, creates the formation of concrete bladder debris. Understanding this is metaphorical language that is used to draw a correlation to the various aspects of the external environment and its relationship to the internal self.

    According to the notions of traditional herbal theory, for a variety of reasons,  this pattern is is believed to be attributed to dietary taxation. This includes poor quality food as well as high quality processed food. Secondly, there are certain breeds that are constitutionally predisposition to forming calculi. This is also the same concept for humans. Bad food or a constitutional predisposition can manifest in all parts of the body.

    Pet Owners Beware! It is very important to understand this: Once a bladder becomes obstructed, there then is a tendency the pet may experience over and over. 

    What You Can Do: To help you reestablish bladder health, we  suggest that you try our Chinese herbal formula. We have helped many pet owners to actually observe the ease and comfort in which their stone-prone pooch can pass water with these effective Chinese herbals. These herbs help by naturally promoting urination and by freeing the flow of urine, while  supporting your pet's natural ability to dispel stones.


    Always inform your veterinarian of all supplements you give your pet.

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