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Calm & Compose Formula

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Herbal Formula Indications:
  • Seizures
  • Tremors
  • Epilepsy
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern:
  • Phlegm binding with Liver Fire
  • Wind and Phlegm harassing the orifices
  • Xian (Chinese for Epilepsy)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Action:
  • Descends hyper Liver Yang
  • Quells Internal Wind
  • Relieves seizures

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Fast Answers:

  • Very Safe For Old Dogs .
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Here is what Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Says;
The first pattern associated with seizures in dogs is called Liver Yang Rising, and it arises from liver constraint caused by too much heat or too much dryness. If the liver blood stores of blood are severely weakened, they affect the fluids and yin of the rest of the body. Without enough fluid to cool the dog's s body, a relative internal heat or false fire can occur. This fires rises upward in a quick rush, and dog seizures are often the result.( Four Paws Five Directions; Cheryl Schwartz, DVM).
The second pattern of seizures,  according to Chinese medicine, states that the root cause of a dog seizure is due to the existence of Wind and Phlegm. Chinese medicine goes on to say that "without Phlegm there is no epilepsy".

What does this mean to you?

"The link between diet and a dog that experiences seizures remains a strong clinical impression on the part of alternative veterinary medical practitioners" (Manuel of Natural Veterinary Medicine).
The holistic thinking is that in the many cases of epilepsy, there is a suggestion that there may actually be be a type of a food sensitivity reaction, TCM calls this "diet taxation". Our suggestion: A diet of grain and dairy free food. Chinese medicine considers these foods phlegm makers and phlegm is bad!