Paw Licking

Chinese Herbal formula,Pawhealer, Chinese medicine for Pets, skin disorders, Dry, flaky, itchy, Allergic dermatitis, Scaly skin, Timidity, Failure of hair,Fine powdery dander.,Chinese Herbal formula,Pawhealer, Chinese medicine for Pets, skin disorders, Dry, flaky, itchy, Allergic dermatitis, Scaly skin, Timidity, Failure of hair,Fine powdery dander.

Choose This Pattern If:

  • Clears Heat
  • Clear Blood heat
  • Transforms Damp
  • Dispels Wind (itching)

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Constant paw licking
  • Chronic inflammation of paws
  • Paw licking due to dog allergies

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Damp Heat pouring down to the feet
  • Blood Heat
  • Wind Heat




(*) 1 bottle contains 100 gms powder

** Does Not Apply to Heartworm and Trachea Support: Kidney Not Grasping Qi
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    • Acupuncturist formulated herbal remedy just for dogs!
    • Safe for our older dogs!
    • Custom herbal formulas made for dogs with severe skin itching problems
    • Great for Dog Skin Allergies!
    Steroids are a short term fix that leads to long term problems. Would you take steroids for your entire life? Of course not.

    Are you looking for a method to stop that paw licking and clear up any hot spots? Then your at the right place..because PawHealer has mastered the art of helping overcome that paw licking problem and any associated skin sores or hot spots which is annoying to both you and your dog! You may think this is a skin really does not not matter what it is...because these herbs will help to cool down that  heat from inflammation. Simple as that.

    Here's how we do it; We have a base formula that works for Hot Spots and
    Paw Licking! At the time you check out, you will be promoted to fill out a skin survey that will ask you all kinds of questions about your dog's itchy skin, paw licking patterns, or hot spots and from this information we actually build a formula for your own dog's particular set of itching, paw licking problems.
    The benefit to you is that we select the herbs that will best get your dog to stop paw licking, or stop itching, or clear sores and hot spots. We take the guessing out of it for you! Just like seeing a acupuncturist for dogs (we do herbs)!

    You're probably wondering how do we  stop this problem of paw licking, and clear up those Hot Spots, and stop the skin itching, because by now you've most likely  tried just about everything out there on the internet,
    and yet still nothing seems to stop that constant paw licking and scratching, or clears up Hot Spots, or stops itching.

    We know that there are many different sources that cause all these problems including paw licking, but in the case of severe paw licking  and Hot Spots we know that most of the time it's due to something that Chinese medicine calls damp heat
    ...And in the case of paw licking where there is not any broken skin, then we say that internal heat is the root cause of this chronic irritation.

    What is this heat and how did my pet contract such a condition your probably wondering...? (This may be the equivalent of dog who experience skin allergies)

    The answer is that most of the time these inflammations of skin and paws can be traced back to the food that your pet is eating....(or too many vaccinations, or too much flea control).Along with our Hot Paws herbal formula we also strongly recommend that you use this grain free diet designed by Dr. Ava Frick...Or you can pick up grain free food at all most all pet stores. Furthermore,  over use of flea products cause heat so we recommend that you use natural flea products such as garlic. Last but not least, too many vaccinations can cause heat so become a smart consumer about how many vaccinations your pet really does requires (annual boosters are NOT necessary)

    Going back and discussing diet; Dogs seem to have not been equipped to properly transform grains, that's because grains just sit around the digestive system  and because they move slowly there then becomes a collection of digestive dampness which  stews and then transforms to heat. (food allergy is perhaps is another way of saying that). As a result of this digestive disharmony, the dog or cat may then can start to present with constant paw licking and itching. By the way, for sure most dogs do much better on a grain free diet no matter what....

    Our approach to healing paw licking, hot spots and clearing up sores is very simple, we use a combination of Chinese herbs in order to transform the internal dampness and next then  to clear that annoying heat that's making your dog miserable.

    This makes what we believe Chinese herbs to be so much more powerful and effective because these complex herbs works on the root  problem, not just the branch presentation, and  this will not cost you a fortune, nor hurt the dog as does long term use of steroids.

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    Administer xx tsp powder
    2x per day

    1 bottle (100 gms powder) will last xx days

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