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Heartworm Cough - Specifically used for external invaders. Chinese Herbs for Chong Qi (Worms)
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Lung and Heart Qi Support (HWC)
Lung and Heart Qi Support (HWC)

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Herbal Formula Indications:
  • Interruption of normal breathing due to chest impediment 
  • Blood and qi stagnation due to external invasion of  foreign invaders
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern:
  • Reversal of lung qi (cough symptoms)
  • Obstruction of heart blood
Traditional Chinese Medicine Action:
  • Moves blood to promote the smooth flow of lung and heart qi
  • Supports heart yang
  • Soothes heart and lungs to calm cough

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Heartworm Support -

30% Off 3+ Items

We are offering an herbal  formula to help dogs that are coughing and that is due to Heartworm infestation.

Coughing is a major symptom of heartworms,  along with fatigue, lack of appetite, and abdominal swelling.

These heartworms have caused obstruction within the the heart which then forces the dog to continually cough.

This is a very successful remedy for the coughing associated with these awful parasites. This formula offers cough relief while your dog is undergoing treatment of any sort  of treatment for the the infestation of  Heartworms (by the way we recommend our herbals which is  called Heartworm Destroyer formula).

The pathomechanism ( the way it works)  is that it helps the heart to  beat more forcefully so that the blood  pumps more vigorously through the heart's chambers.

The reason your dog coughs is that the Heartworms are obstructing the flow of blood, and the blood is being forced  back up into the lungs thus causing the Heartworm cough.

The herbs in this formula have the function to what Traditional Chinese medicine calls "invigorating the blood" and "dispels stagnation", and these herbs are magnificently effective at helping the heart so that your dog will stop coughing.