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Heartworm - Specifically used for external invaders. Chinese Herbs for Chong Qi (Worms)
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Heartworm Support

Herbal Formula Indications:
  • Heartworm 
  • Heartworm prevention
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern:
  • Chong Ji (worms)
Traditional Chinese Medicine Action:
  • Expel worms and other parasites

Combo packs & recommended products
(2) Heartworm Support
Lung & Heart Qi Support (HWC)
Heartworm Support
Lung & Heart Qi Support (HWC)
Kidney Support
Lung and Heart Qi Support (HWC)

This helpful herbal formula is for dogs who have an obstruction of the heart and lung system. It is an herbal formula which in the chest, strongly moves blood and qi, thus it supports healthly breathing and symptomatic relief from coughing.

Kidney Support Formula is added so as to enhance the natural processes that help dog naturally rid itself of toxic invasions.

 Historical Use Of Chinese Herbs for Foreign Invaders

The very famous Chinese medical book, Shang Han Lun, published during the Chinese Han Dynasty (200-219 AD), in detail describes symptoms that arise from infestations of roundworms (this literature is over 2000 years old and is the oldest documented source of an organized medical system). 

The Shang Han Lun  provides Chinese herbalists the knowledge to support one's ability to naturally expel roundworms. In  the case of humans, infestation occurs in the gallbladder or intestines, and in canines the worms will nest in the heart and/or the intestines. Chinese herbal medicine has been using herbs to expel roundworms for thousands of years.

Once there lived a very famous practitioner whose name was Dr. Ke Qi,  he did a really good job of  metaphorically describing how herbals work;  

"When roundworms encounter sourness, they are calmed. When they encounter acridity they are spent;  when they encounter bitterness they are purged"  (he is referring to the flavor of the different herbs)

When a dog (or person) has contracted worms the Chinese medical term is  "Chong Ji". The treatment principle is as follows; "Expel worms and to disperse accumulations". Translation: This means that we use herbs to stimulate your dog's natural power so as to maintain an internal environment that is free of foreign invaders.