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Bladder Support for Damp Heat - Cats

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Bladder Support for Damp Heat - Cats
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Bladder Support: Damp Heat Formula + Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes
Combo Pack

This combo packs adds Paw-Zymes -- which addresses root problem. Poor digestion in most cases is the root cause to bladder infection problems. There are lots of benefits when supplementing with digestive enzymes.

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Bladder Support: Damp Heat Formula + Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes + Rena GO: Glandular Organs
Combo Pack

This triple combo pack adds the benefit of the heart & kidney organs and glands found in Rena GO powder -- which is an ideal supplement for pets for when the owners want to provide nutritional support for specific endocrine systems, and to complement the diet with the incredible array of nutrients found in organs and glands from healthy, carefully raised animals.

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Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes

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Highly processed modern pet foods are often lacking in the enzymes pets would get from a more natural diet. Paw-Zymes can help supplement diets so that pets more completely digest their food, resulting in better digestion and overall health.

Rena GO: Glandular Organs (4 oz Powder)

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Whole food Kidney wafers are recommended in order to strengthen the urinary system. This is the thought of natural thinking where it says in the "Law of Signatures"  "like heals like" .

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