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Dissolve Herbal Formula

For encapsulation add $15.00 - makes 200 caps
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Dissolve Herbal Formula
For encapsulation add $15.00 - makes 200 caps
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Dissolve Powder + Paw-Zymes
Combo Pack

Dissolve + Paw-Zymes combo pack focuses on the idea that bagged and processed food that contains grains is considered the root cause of the phlegm that Traditional Chinese Medicine attributes to Phlegm (in this case Fatty Tumors) which is indigestible and stored in the body as a fatty deposit. Digestive enzymes help support the digestive system for food that is lacking in whole nutrients and assists the body in breaking down new food that is eaten, so that it is properly absorbed and used by the body and not added to the existing fatty tumor.

SAVE $18.30
Dissolve Powder + Thyro G.O (4 oz powder) + Paw-Zymes
Combo Pack

This triple combo pack add Thyro GO: the thyroid is a small gland in the front of the neck. It produces hormones that play a part in many body processes, including growth and development, body temperature, water regulation and metabolism. Healthy thyroid function is important for energy, achieving and maintaining ideal weight and supporting overall health and a general sense of vitality.
Thyro GO is an excellent dietary supplement for pets, especially those with special needs.

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Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes

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Paw-Zymes is a multi-enzyme blend of non-animal source enzymes containing a combination of proteases, amylases, cellulases, lipases and others. The product is specially formulated for the digestive system of dogs and cats.

Thyro GO: Glandular Organs (4 oz Powder)

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Traditional Chinese medicine says thyroid gland is a source of the Yang energy of the body.  To increase your dog's Qi (Yang energy)  we can feed this thyroid material (a concentrate) so as to naturally fire up the metabolism by natural tonification.

Natural Beef Bon Bons

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Low fat treats for pets who need to lose weight.

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