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Hound Honey®: Heart Syrup

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Hound Honey®: Heart Syrup
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Hound Honey: Heart Syrup + Heart Yang Vacuity (CHF) Formula
Combo Pack

Hound Honey Heart Syrup + Heart Yang Vacuity (CHF) combo pack is a powerful combination that helps to manage the severe dog cough that comes for dog congestive heart failure. The powder is given twice a day, and the syrup can be given in between, up to 4 times a day. The constant stream of herbs helps to subdue the cough, giving your dog relief.  The powder and the syrup work together to provide a strong synergistic effect.

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Hound Honey: Heart Syrup +  Heart Yang Vacuity (CHF) Formula + Herbal Waterfall
Combo Pack

This triple combo pack has the added benefit of Herbal Waterfall formula which would be needed if it has been determined that there is excess fluid that has gathered around the heart and can be detected by a gurgling or congested sound to the cough or breathing.

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