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Lung Qi Support: Phlegm-Damp Formula

For encapsulation add $15.00 - makes 200 caps
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Lung Qi Support: Phlegm-Damp Formula
For encapsulation add $15.00 - makes 200 caps
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Save MORE with Combo Packs

SAVE $12.30
Lung Qi Support: Phlegm-Damp Formula + Hound Honey: Phlegm Damp Syrup
Combo Pack

This is a great combo pack. The herbal powder with the Hound Honey Syrup actually enhances efficiency.

SAVE $13.05
Lung Qi Support: Phlegm Damp Formula + Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes
Combo Pack

This combo pack adds the benefit of Paw-Zymes which can address the root problem. Poor digestion in most cases is the root cause to wet/phlegmy type coughing problems. There are lots of benefits when supplementing with digestive enzymes

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Hound Honey®: Phlegm-Damp Syrup

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Hound Honey is must have product. A soothing blend of herbs and honey that helps used to support the lungs to calm symptoms of coughing and support healthy breathing. This wonderful blend transforms damp, and sends rebellious Lung Qi downwards. Helps  Lung Qi to promote smooth quality breathing.

Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes

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Paw-Zymes is a multi-enzyme blend of enzymes containing a combination of proteases, amylases, cellulases, lipases and others. The product is specially formulated for the digestive system of dogs and cats. Paw-Zymes is very effective in the pH range of 3 to 9, working continuously throughout the pH variations in the digestive tract.

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