Herbal Cough Syrups

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Choose This Pattern If:

  • Wet-type cough symptoms
  • Wet noises in the chest
  • Vomits white turbid material

Chinese Herbal Formula Uses:

  • Relieves symptoms of wet-type cough
  • Helps promote a clear chest
  • Benefits the lungs for calm breathing

Traditional Chinese Herb Action:

  • Transform turbid phlegm
  • Sends lung qi downwards
  • Relieves symptoms of cough
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(*) 1 bottle contains 5 oz liquid herbs
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    Hound Honey® soothes the throat and lungs of dogs who are experiencing a reversal of lung qi due to wet type coughs.

    This formula helps to dry and transform damp accumulation, and it also warms the lungs.

    When there is an excess of wetness, the breaths of the lung become obstructed. When the qi of the lungs does not travel through the correct pathways, this is called rebellious lung qi. 

    Hound honey supports the normal flow of lung qi by transforming excess fluids and warming the lung.

    Easy to administer because of the sweet nectar taste. This product is a favorite of PawHealer customers.

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    Administer xx tsp liquid herbs
    3x per day

    1 bottle (5 oz liquid herbs) will last xx days

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    Hound Honey: Phlegm Damp + Lung Qi Support: Phlegm-Damp Formula
    Combo Pack

    This is a great combo pack. The Hound Honey Syrup with the addition of Lung Qi Support herbal powder actually enhances efficiency.

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    Hound Honey: Phlegm Damp + Paw-Zymes: Digestive Enzymes
    Combo Pack

    This combo pack adds the benefit of Paw-Zymes which can address the root problem. Poor digestion in most cases is the root cause to wet/phlegmy type coughing problems. There are lots of benefits when supplementing with digestive enzymes