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Common Symptoms  
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  • Itching
Stop-Itch: Damp-Heat

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Itching causes hot spots
  • Prone to ear infections
  • Anal gland problems
  • Most itching is on legs/ base of tail
  • Hot weather makes itch worse
  • Smelly/greasy coat
  • Lots of saliva
  • Dispel Wind
  • Overcome Dampness
  • Clear Heat
  • Alleviate itching
Combo prod & recommended prod
Anti-Itch Herbal Pet Shampoo
Vet-Aid Dermal
STOP-ITCH: Damp-Heat

EXTERNAL -- Soothing Aromatherapy shampoo that has Chinese herbs and essential oils combined

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Paw's Skin Fixx -

For external use -- Spray with essential oils that have cooling effect of tea tree oil and others to use for all types of skin issues. This is a PawHealer favorite for our own dogs.

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EXTERNAL -- Sterile sea salt and lysozyme & sea kelp formula that is delivered as a foam in a spray container to heal and moisturize.

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EXTERNAL -- Zhi Yang Ding, or Stop Itching Tincture, is a well-known Chinese dermatological formula comes in liquid form.

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