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Common Symptoms  
  PawHealer Herbs To Buy
  • Itching causes hot spots/sores
  • Greasy/Smelly coat
  • Prone to ear infections/anal gland problems
Stop-Itch: Damp-Heat

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Itching
  • Dispel Wind
  • Overcome Dampness
  • Clear Heat
  • Alleviate itching
Combo prod & recommended prod
STOP-ITCH: Damp Heat
Stop Itch Topical (Damp Heat)
STOP-ITCH: Damp-Heat
Stop Itch Topical (Damp Heat)
Petigreens: Green Food
Dispels wind and clears heat, eliminates dampness and resolves toxins, kills chong (or “parasites”) and stops itching
Wild carnivores eat digestive tracts of prey, ingesting concentrated, easily absorbed greens. PetiGreens is designed to simulate this part of the diet. This potent supplement contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, chlorophyll, fiber and valuable phytonutrients. Herbivores also need PetiGreens' concentrated nutrition.

For external use -- Spray with essential oils that have the cooling effect of tea tree oil and others along with an antiseptic to heal skin. For use on all types of skin issues. This is a PawHealer favorite for our own dogs.

EXTERNAL -- Soothing Aromatherapy shampoo that has Chinese herbs and essential oils combined

EXTERNAL -- Sterile sea salt and lysozyme & sea kelp formula that is delivered as a foam in a spray container to heal and moisturize.

These Chinese herbal itching formulas are indicated for  all types of itch, including what may be called skin allergies. It doesn't matter to us what name you call your dog's itching since Chinese medicine refers to all itching as "wind". 

Itching is a sensation that provokes the desire to rub or scratch the skin to obtain relief. The redness, sores, and crusting of the skin can result from continuous scratching. Chronic scratching and rubbing can lead to the thickening of the skin and discoloration. However there will be dogs that itch and that will often show no signs of rubbing or scratching.

Your dogs itching (pruritus) may be generalized or local to a specific area. The term generalized itching is used for a disorder of the skin with no detectable primary disorder. In other words, your pet is itching all the time, and you really have no answer to why this is occurring.

Clinical manifestations of itching:
  • It is generalized or affects large areas of the body (either small or large areas).
  • In cases of generalized itching,  the areas that can't be scratched will appear normal.
  • Most wide spread itching is due to skin disease rather than systemic problems.
  • There are not any primary rashes associated with itching.
  • All secondary lesions such as hot spots, scratch marks, and crusting, only occur as a result of scratching. In other words the scratching comes first, not the rash or any sores.

Now let's talk Chinese medicine terms:

In Chinese the disease of itching is called Yang Feng; 'itching wind". Factors that cause itching (wind)) come from both internal and external factors.

External factors:

Wind, Dryness, Summer-Heat, Fire, Dampness and Cold- can all attack the skin and interstices and fight with Blood and Qi. These pathogenic factors move around in the skin, causing the obstruction of Qi in the channels which may cuase itching.

Pathogenic wind is the most important of these factors since it can combine with other factors and wander through the skin. Wind....take time to think about this metaphor, Wind is always moving from place to place and it is not fixed to one area....

The most common of the Traditional Chinese  patterns that causes a dog to itch and scratch are as follows:

  • Blood-Heat Generating Wind: Dogs prone to this pattern are those who overindulge in foods that produce pathogenic heat that combines with blood to form Blood-Heat. This excess Heat enters and contends with Blood. Protracted Blood-Heat sears the Liver channel and provokes Wind which spreads outward and lodges into the skin which causes itching.
  • Wind-Damp-Heat Settling In The Skin: This patter is seen in canines with preexisting dampness who are then attacked by external Wind. Itching is the result of the contention between Wind and Dampness.

Internal Factors:

  • Blood Deficiency Generating Wind:
  • Weakness of Wei Qi Due To Spleen Qi Deficiency

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