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Common Symptoms  
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  • General hind leg weakness (HLW)
  • HLW due to steroid use
  • Hind leg weakness due to old age
HLW: Liver Blood-Kidney Yin Vacuity

Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Weak eyesight, dry/lusterless eyes
  • Susceptibility to fright and fear
  • Night time panting
  • Dry skin, fur and/or toe nails
  • Rib side pain when lifting or moving
  • Numbness or apparent leg cramping
  • Nourish Liver Blood
  • Tonify Kidney Yin
  • Clear Deficiency Heat
Combo prod & recommended prod
HLW Liver Blood-Kidney Yin Vacuity (powder)
Rena G.O (chewables)
HLW Liver Blood-Kidney Yin Vacuity
Rena G.O
Devils/Cats Claw
Paw-Analgesic -

Add this product if your dog is experiencing pain with the hind leg weakness! Gives immediate relief for joint pain.

PetiGreens -

Include the cooling effect of this green powder product (barley grass, wheat grass, chlorophyl) in your pet's meals each day.

Rena G.O. -

Whole food therapy is used to tonify the Kidneys! Use Kidney concentrate to heal naturally...


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