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Common Symptoms  
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  • General hind leg weakness
  • Old age hind leg weakness
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Cold; dog seems chilled
  • Chilled limbs
  • Frequent urination, incontinence
  • Lack of overall strength
  • Tongue appears pale
  • Profuse clear urination
  • Yang Deficiency
  • Wei Syndrome
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The main Chinese disease categorization of the decline of the hind legs is called "wilting condition" . However, different of its symptoms are their own disease categories in Chinese medicine including "numbness", "lack of strength", "fatigued limbs" , "tremors" and so forth.

Before we begin talking about the weakness of the hind legs...I would like to say that this section is very important for our old friends...the senior dog. It is such a troubling time to watch our furry family members decline and it seems that as they age,  this natural process presents as weakness of the hind legs and weakening of their joints and lower back.

In most cases of hind leg weakness, it's a disease of deficiency and thus herbals are extremely helpful when you find yourself in this situation. Chinese herbs are wonderful  for a condition of weaknesses since they offer  powerful palliative care for our canines (as well as people) . Once  canine's have reached this weakened condition, herbal formulas really can actually  help our older dogs feel better as well as help them rest more comfortably while improving their quality of life.

According to Chinese medicine this type decline stems from the following etiologies; The natural aging process,  life long dietary taxation, external invasion of evils (germs) or constitutional deficiencies.

Our clinical experience is such that in many instances these herbs may be able to help to get the dog up and walking again, then in some other instance the Chinese herbs may help to slow down the progression of the wasting,  and finally in the most dire instances there is just no stopping or slowing down the process no matter what we do. What ever the situation may be,  it's certainly worth providing our dogs with chronic care relief, something that western medicine does not do very well for either dogs or people.

It's most likely you have already been to the veterinarian because your dog is losing the use of the hind legs due to some idiopathic weakness. You've come to the conclusion that there's really not any modern medicine approach for this type of a chronic condition so now your looking for an alternative solution, or that you have been using medicines and now there is a blowback from side effects.

Although modern medicine typically doesn't really have a name for this type of weakness, Traditional Chinese medicines calls  this condition "Wilting" (wei syndrome)  Here's the official definition:
"Weakness and limpness of the sinews that in severe cases prevents the lifting of the legs" (Practical Dictionary of CHINESE)
How long does it take to get better your wondering? Just like in people, once this type of wasting starts occurring, we really don't know, some respond right away, some very slowly, and some not at all. The idea here is to try and regain balance with the hopes of improvement as well as the idea that we can slow down the progression of weakness.

But you can do something that we consider pivotal, you must get your dog on a grain free food of high quality. Secondly, we believe in the Law of Secondary Doctrine which is an herbal philosophy which is that we eat what we need to heal.

In the case of canines we believe that they should be eating muscle meat along with organ meat and lots of bones. It is my opinion that because our pets don't receive nutrition that is even close to their evolutionary diet, they're now being struck down by chronic conditions that didn't exist even as of 10 years ago. To us....it's all about the canines food chain being contaminated with worthless fillers in order to decrease the cost of the food.

Remember that every formula is reviewed and herbs are selected based on the information you provide us...Every dog is unique so they deserve a remedy that is formulated just for their own special requirements.

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