Healing herbs for dogs and cats
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sell our herbs?

We sell them in a powder form. We do this because it's the most cost effective form of herbs to sell. Upon special request we can do capsules, but be warned, it significantly drives up the price for our furry friends, it actually doubles it the price we would have to sell it to you.

How much does my pet require?

When the situation is acute we will increase the base dose by 50% for seven days, and then decrease to the amount listed on the chart. For the very best results three times a day is optimal and definitely speeds up the healing process.

Are Chinese herbs safe for dogs and cats?

Just like any medicine there could be an allergic response, but we have not found this to be the norm.

How Do I give the herbs to my pet?

This is the biggest challenge! Click Here to read the document that we have posted about this subject.

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