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Common Symptoms  
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  • Recent on-set 
  • Cold like symtpoms
  • Lung and nasal congestion
Lung Qi Support: KC Attack

Lung Qi Support for KC Attack
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Wind-Cold External Attack
  • Recently began
  • Symptoms of cough and gagging 
  • Exposure via other dogs


  • Send rebellious lung qi downwards
  • Releases the exterior
  • Dries phlegm 
  • Each bottle makes 200 capsules (when capsules are selected)
  • Each bottle contains 100 grams of herbal powder (if powder is selected) 
  • 1/4 teaspoon is equal to 1 gram of powder

    Suggested Use of Powder and Capsules:

    5-20 pounds use  1/4 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 1 - 2 capsules twice per day

    21-50 pounds use  1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 2 - 4 capsules twice per day

    51-90 pounds use  1 to 1.5 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 4 - 6 capsules twice per day

    90+   pounds use  2 teaspoons powder twice a day or if capsules take 7 - 8 capsules twice per day

    This is a basic guideline whereby you may receive instructions individualized for your order.
      And this can be increased by 50% if needed.


These are a sample of the herbs we use. Remeber every dog is reviewed and an herbal formula is selected based on the TCM presentation.

xie bai (Allii Macrostemonis Bulbus)
ban len gen (Isatis Indigotica)
bai zhi (Angelica Glabra)
xing ren (Semen Armeniacae Amarum)
zi wan (Radix Asteris)
bai jie zi (Semen Sinapis)
bai shao (Radix Paeoniae Alba)
gui zhi (Ramulus Cinnamomi)
zhi gan cao (Radix Glycyrrhizae Prep.)
sheng jiang (Zingiberis Rhizoma Recens)
da zao (Fructus Jujube)

Lung Qi Support KC-Attack
Hound Honey KC-Attack Syrup
Lung Qi Support: KC-Attack
Hound Honey
Tummy Qi
Hound Honey - KC Attack
  • Symptoms of Wind-Cold External Attack cough
  • Recently began
  • Gagging
  • Exposure via other dogs
  • There is no taste, thus there is no problems with administration
  • In the terms of Chinese medicine we recommend enzmyes to help transform digesetive phlegm. 


 Lung Qi Support (KC-Attack):
* To use for just one week *
This is an herbal syrup For dogs that have been kenneled or have been around dogs that have the common Kennel Cough.
According to Chinese medicine, a cough is simply a failure of the natural descent of lung qi, or rebellion of lung qi upwards. In the case of this type of an acute cough, what you call Kennel Cough, is what we call coughing that is caused by an external pathogen like Wind, Cold or Heat.
For you to chose this particular formula, which we call a Wind-Cold type of excess cough, your dog must have a recent cough, less than three weeks. If the cough has been occurring longer than this time, you will need to pick from our other coughing formulas, that are for the more chronic types of cough.
This is a formula that is to be used a short  period of time, seven to ten days. The powder and the syrup work quickly to relieve the symptoms of your dog's Kennel Cough.

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