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  • Chronic ear infections
  • Acute ear infections
  • Otitis general, bacterial & yeast
Empirical Ear Remedy-Damp Heat

Empirical Ear Remedy-Damp Heat
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern Traditional Chinese Medicine Action
  • Accumulation of Damp
  • Accumulation of Damp & Heat
  • Blood Deficiency Dryness
  • Clears Damp Heat
  • Transforms ear Dampness
  • Nourishes Blood for dry ears
  • Each bottle makes 200 capsules (when capsules are selected)
  • Each bottle contains 100 grams of herbal powder (if powder is selected) 
  • 1/4 teaspoon is equal to 1 gram of powder

    Suggested Use of Powder and Capsules:

    5-20 pounds use  1/4 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 1 - 2 capsules twice per day

    21-50 pounds use  1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 2 - 4 capsules twice per day

    51-90 pounds use  1 to 1.5 teaspoon powder twice a day or if capsules take 4 - 6 capsules twice per day

    90+   pounds use  2 teaspoons powder twice a day or if capsules take 7 - 8 capsules twice per day

    This is a basic guideline whereby you may receive instructions individualized for your order.
      And this can be increased by 50% if needed.


Here is a list of a few of the herbs we use when formulating herbal formulas for a dogs suffering with ear infections.

Remember that for each dog, we translate the words based on your own survey into the best herbs that we will put into a formula that best fits your own dog's Chinese pattern of ear disharmony.

You are getting personal service for your dog's ears...We do it  based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and we do it just for your special dog!

yi yi ren (Coicis Semen)
jin yin hua (Lonicera Japonica)
jie geng (Radix Platycodi)
bai xian pi (Cortex Dictamni)
tu fu ling (Smilacis Glabrae Rhizoma)
chai hu (Bupleurum Scorzonerifolium)
huang qin (Scutellaria Baicalensis)
ku shen (Sophora Flavescens)
bai ji li (Tribulus Terrestris)
Empirical Ear Remedy-Damp Heat
Magic Ear Drops
Magic Ear Drops

Highly recommended product along with Empirical Ear Remedy-Damp Heat formula

Highly recommended product along with Empirical Ear Remedy-Damp Heat formula

Herbal ABX

 This herbal product would be used if there is an infection where there is puss and oozing sores.

There are three major types of ear patterns that occur most often and are seen by dog owners:

  • Some pets have an external ear problem and these types of ears will manifest as red, dry and inflamed and may possibly be accompanied with some very mild discharge and lesions, but not always, we say that this is caused by Wind and Heat.
  • Then there are the more severe ear problems which cause the dog or cat to have a soupy, foul smelly moist discharge. This problem fits into the category of a yeast  fungal, or bacterial ear infection. (The ear discharging pus), this is called Damp-Heat according to Traditional Chinese medicine
  • Then there can be the problem due to a pet's old age along with hearing imbalances (deafness) - there maybe also ear problems that present as red, dry, crusty and irritated, and the Chinese say that this is a condition Blood Deficiency.

What is so different about using Chinese herbs for your pet's ear problems?

Chinese medicine considers the external ear just like an extension of the skin, so what we find is that many times the  pets will have problems with the skin or the ears or both at the same time.

This powerful combination as well as the synergistic effect of these Chinese herbs that are assigned to work on your dog and cat's ear problems will not only address the exterior presentation,  but these herbs are also programed to balance the issue that is deeper, and that's what is considered to be the actual root cause of your pet's chronic ear conditions.

If you don't get down to the root cause of ear problems, you'll be forever searching the Internet for something that works. Chinese herbs have been documented for thousands of years and have withstood the perils of time and have been proven to work based on these patterns of disharmony.

Not every ear problem has the same root cause...Understanding your pets pattern of  ear disharmony is the key to naturally helping your pet restore auricular balance. But not to worry, we do that for you, just make sure that you fill out our survey at the end. We take all the information that you provide us and build an herbal formula that best fits the needs of your pet.

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