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Empirical Bladder Support (Damp Heat)
Bladder Support (Damp Heat)

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Herbal Formula Indications:
  • Bladder problems
  • Bladder health
  • Bladder Inflammation
Traditional Chinese Medicine Pattern:
  • Heat and Damp combining
  • Painful urination due to Heat
  • Kidney Yin deficiency Heat
Traditional Chinese Medicine Action:
  • Clears damp-heat in bladder
  • Promotes urination
  • Tonify Kidney Yin to clear deficiency Heat

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Bladder Support (Damp Heat)
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Welcome to PawHealer.com where we use traditional Chinese herbs in order to balance and harmonize your pet's bladder.

Infections of the bladder from a Traditional Chinese medicine perspective, are  usually caused primarily by  an accumulation of something Chinese medicine refers to as  damp heat. We have a totally different way of viewing issues of the bladder....what you may call infection, we may call the pattern one of heat, or cold, or stagnation. To us a bladder infection is not a bladder infection, it is some sort of organ disharmony!

This damp heat is an unusable type of body fluid and it's considered  to be a by-product of a faulty or of a weak digestive system. It's often that we see this link between a dog or cat's diet  and a tendency towards recurrent dog or cat bladder infections.

It's important to understand that this formation of  excess digestive dampness is a substance that is pathological and its considered to be heavy, sticky and turbid,. This  stuff  then will will naturally drain downwards and  begin to accumulate down in the lower burner (of the dog or cat ( the bladder is located at the lower burner)

After a period of time this pathological dampness then begins to brew and stew as the pet's natural body heat  transforms this  sticky substance from dampness into dampness plus  additional body Heat and now there you have it; A dog or cat with Damp Heat( a bladder infection).

The most prominent symptom that your dog or cat who who has a bladder infection will exhibit is the straining when trying to eliminate urine. You may also see blood  in the urine if the bladder is sufficiently enough agitated by this Damp Heat, because  it's the presence of Heat that may cause the blood to leak from the vessels. And if there is more dampness than Heat you will tend to see more congealed forms in the urine of your dog or cat,  such as crystals, mucus or stones.


Western Medical Approach : There are many disorders characterized by infection and inflammation of dog or cat  genital regions, including vaginitis, cystitis, urinary tract infection, and many others. In western medicine, these conditions for your dog or cats will generally treated with antibiotic drugs, including antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal agents. As a category, these drugs for dogs and cats are very effective to treat such infections and inflammations. However, these drugs are very potent, and may cause many  your dog or cat side effects, such as secondary infection, and a weaker digestive system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approach: Herbal therapy for dogs and cats is also very effective for treating these infections and inflammations. Many herbs have been shown to have marked antibacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. Furthermore, some have analgesic effect to relieve pain, and others have diuretic effect to relieve your dog or cat's painful urination. Lastly, though these herbs are generally safe for your dog or cat, they should be discontinued once the desired effects are achieved, as extended use may consume and weaken the body of your dog or cats

Summation: For dogs and cats drugs and herbs are both effective for treating infections and inflammations of  they urinary systems. In general, drugs are more effective for bacterial and fungal infections, but their safety profiles vary depending on the exact antibiotic prescribed. Herbs are equally effective for bacterial, viral and fungal infections for dogs and cats. For severe infections and inflammations, they are slightly less immediately potent than drugs, but are much safer and have significantly fewer side effects. Lastly, in both therapies, the chosen substance(s) should always be taken until the course of therapy is completed. Those dogs or cats that have weakness and deficiency from the infection and/or its treatment should take herbs to strengthen the body and facilitate recovery.

The goal is simple when using Chinese herbs for dogs and cat's with a bladder infection, and it's simply to drain the Damp and clear Heat to promote normal urination.